The idyllic house on a small mound in the green Nansummer landscape located farm house "Oldenbosch" is known by many and has a history dating back to 1499. In the year 1851 the house is surrounded by an extra stone wall and the barn is enlarged. Originally it is a head-neck-hull farm, but due to adjustments this is not immediately visible.

The current owners bought "Oldenbosch" in 2009 and have restored this authentic farmhouse with a good feeling for the past. During the restoration many beautiful features of history were discovered, such as wall paintings and the original doors of the box bed. All rooms exude calm and are attractively furnished by the current owners. Due to the further adjustments and renovations, which have been carried out at a very high level, it has become a residential farm that combines the conveniences of today with the past. In short, a nice combination between the past and the present.